We have to increase our prices in line with our Supplier ,  we are publishing (with their permission) the letter we received below –  the good news is the fully recyclable packaging, very good news for all .  Some of our prices will stay the same, and the increases are pence, not pounds .



Dear Customer


I hope you are all safe and well in what has been difficult and testing year so far.

Over the last 3-4 months we have seen unprecedented demand for our products and we have seen many new and old customers come our way, I’d like to say hello and thank you for your custom and support many of you are new to the diet please feel free to keep in touch with us while you settle especially during the hot weather as dog can slow down eating.


I’m extremely proud of all my staff on how they went above & beyond to help service all the orders placed during this difficult period, it’s been a pleasure to see all the positive and well deserved feedback we have had, thank you.


With these crazy times prices are all over the place fuel has dropped but rising again, raw material has risen but we expecting this to go back to normal, the biggest increase is the wage going up by 6.2% this is one of the biggest jumps we have seen in previous years and we cannot absorb this, we have been able to withhold the price increase that should have taken place on the 1st April 2020 until now, as we are one of the cheapest raw feeding manufactures on the market, we feel every price increase that comes our way, but we must inform you that as from 3rd August 2020 prices will increase as shown on the attached price list, we will continue to strive forward with our great service and a top class product for you.


“Going green part 1” as from 1st April 2020 our standard range (14 x 454g boxes) the plastic was changed to fully re-cycling plastic, unfortunately this does come at a heighten cost but I’m sure you’ll agreed a little extra to be fully recyclable to help save our planet is well worth it, the packaging will still be peel-able too, so all you’ll need to do is defrost, feed, wash/rinse and place in your plastic in the recycling bin.


“Going green part 2” Over the next couple weeks, you’ll see a change in the bags that we pack the chunks & bones in too, we will launch our new blue brand bags these also will be fully recyclable plus these will be re-sealable so if you don’t use all the product you can seal the bag and place back into the freezer, we will be changing some product sizes on this range to help us use less plastic too


Thank you for your continued support and custom

Yours Sincerely

Lee Hornsby

Durham Animal Feeds