Katie Louise Jones reviewed Raw4paws-Sussex5 star
· 50 mins ·

My springer stopped eating ALL BRANDS of dog food. She would only eat my food. We tried pretty much everything. Mixing sauces into her food, microwaving it, pretending to eat it, giving it to her on a plate with a knife and fork- literally everything!
Someone recommended raw4paws-sussex and (luckily) deliveries were going out the next day, and my order was put in. Cee was really helpful in helping me choose and so far Moo Moos has loved everyone! (Except the tripe mince (but she didn’t like that even in her ‘good eating’ days!)
It’s only been a couple of days but she has eaten more in these few days than the two weeks before.
Finally I don’t have to worry or share my dinner, plus I don’t have to lug heavy tins and bags back from the shop! A++