Build A Box Shopping

Welcome to a new shopping experience on Raw4Paws-Sussex! Our traditional online shop is still running but we are now in the position to give our wonderful customers a chance to create their own product boxes. Build A Box allows for the creation of a bespoke delivery of small quantities of our range of raw foods for pets.

The shop is split into product ranges, such as Mince, Bones & Chews. This enables the creation of a box that will contain your pet’s favourite foods, for example: 454 grammes of Chicken & Liver Mince and a special treat of 330 grammes of Beef Paddywack.

Simply visit the relevant sub category to add a product to build your box. To create the example in the previous paragraph, visit the Build A Box mince section to add the Chicken and Liver Mince, then the Build A Box Offal, and finally for your dog’s treat, visit the Build A Box bones and chews section.

To place one item in you cart simply click the “ADD TO CART” button (you can add more than one by clicking on the icon to view the product in full).

Build A Box gives you the opportunity to vary your pet’s raw food diet, you can add a variety of mince products in smaller quantities rather than the 14 servings you would get if you purchased Chicken & Liver Mince via the traditional shop.

Boxes at capacity hold either 28 blocks of mince, or 20 blocks and 2 × 1kg bags.

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