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review from Melanie

Melanie shared a Page. · 8 mins · Since switching the cockers to raw food I’ve honestly never looked back. It’s literally saved Douglas’s life, has totally eliminated all of Spice’s ‘rear-end issues’ 🙈 and their coats, breath and general health have never been better. Just placed my second order with Raw4paws and realised that […]

review from Lorna

Lorna reviewed Raw4paws-Sussex – * * * * * five star · 30 April · Brilliant, my Cockerpoo was quite a fussy eater, I used to feed him and he would sniff the bowl and leave it. Most days would still be there the next morning. Until I tried the raw selection from Raw4Paws-Sussex. He […]

review from Louise

Louise  reviewed Raw4paws-Sussex – * * * * * 5 star  · 17 June at 12:22 · I have been feeding raw for some time now and was delighted when I heard there was to be a local supplier. I’ve just received my second order. The quality and service is excellent. And there are two […]


if your dog ever needs a little boost on their food, if they’ve been poorly, or just off their food, then bone-broth is a great addition , as it has plenty of good nutrients/minerals etc , and the way that mine love it, am hoping your dogs will too . It’s usually chicken-bone broth , […]


we recently delivered to a new customer , and she very kindly emailed us with the verdicts on our foods from her dogs . The first email reads: “well the dogs absolutely love the tripe and the chicken wings.  Just have to try the salmon and chicken tomorrow.  Think we are on to a winner […]

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Please feel free to ask questions about our products, or post your own raw feeding stories, pics of your dogs, and perhaps visit to our Facebook page – Raw4paws-Sussex, and comment, post ‘like’ and share our page to your raw feeding friends, there’s a 10% discount for you if any of your friends order from […]

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