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Due to rising prices for energy supplies and storage facility rental costs we are having to make increases in all products available in the shop. We will, however, continue to deliver minimum orders as a free service to our customers. We ask that minimum order value be £14 or over please, very small orders are not viable to deliver due to increasing transport costs. We apologise for any inconvenience.


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Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or BARF for short, is all about feeding your canine and feline companions correctly. We believe this is the best way to achieve and maintain optimum health and longevity. Follow the link below to read the facts about pet nutrition and dispel some of the myths you may have heard about a raw food diet for your dog. Alternatively, if you are already a convert to the healthy world of BARF then visit our shop.

Prices shown include delivery on our regular routes, based on minimum order of £13. Smaller orders will be rounded up to £13.

Our regular weekly delivery slots are between Eastbourne in the East of Sussex, Crawley and Haywards Heath in Mid-Sussex, and Worthing and Storrington area in West Sussex. We deliver to Bexhill, East Grinstead, Littlehampton, Bognor every two weeks.

Click HERE to view a map showing our weekly and fortnightly routes.


Build A Box Shopping

Welcome to a new shopping experience on Raw4Paws-Sussex! Our traditional online shop is still running but we are now in the position to give our wonderful customers a chance to create their own product boxes. Build A Box allows for the creation of a bespoke delivery of small quantities of our range of raw foods for pets.

The shop is split into product ranges, such as Mince, Bones & Chews. This enables the creation of a box that will contain your pet’s favourite foods, for example: 454 grammes of Chicken & Liver Mince and a special treat of 330 grammes of Beef Paddywack.

Simply visit the relevant sub category to add a product to build your box. To create the example in the previous paragraph, visit the Build A Box mince section to add the Chicken and Liver Mince, then the Build A Box Offal, and finally for your dog’s treat, visit the Build A Box bones and chews section.

To place one item in you cart simply click the “ADD TO CART” button (you can add more than one by clicking on the icon to view the product in full).

Build A Box gives you the opportunity to vary your pet’s raw food diet, you can add a variety of mince products in smaller quantities rather than the 14 servings you would get if you purchased Chicken & Liver Mince via the traditional shop.

Boxes at capacity hold either 28 blocks of mince, or 20 blocks and 2 × 1kg bags.

Conventional pet food or BARF – the comparison

Commercial pet foods, dry foods in particular, often contain a large amount of grains, which we believe are inappropriate for carnivorous dogs and cats. Because cats are obligate carnivores, it is believed that a switch to a predominantly meat based raw diet would be especially beneficial (as compared to a raw diet for dogs) due to cats’ relative inability to digest grains.


Introducing pups and adult dogs to a raw food diet

Though some owners can switch their dogs’ diet without a problem, we feel the best way to make any change of food is to do it gently. We wean pups onto raw with exactly the same method as we advise to make the change – old food for one or more meals, and green tripe for the other meals for a few days, increasing the tripe at a rate that suits the dog, and decreasing/phasing out the old food.

The next step is to introduce new proteins, one at a time, and encourage the dog to chew, which is a more natural way for them to eat. We gently introduce each food, then onto boned mince, then with offal, then onto boned products.

Using this method, we’ve gently alter the ph level in the dogs’ tummy to a more natural state, where they can properly process and digest bone efficiently.

Dogs need meat, bone and offal, with the proportions of 80%, 10% and 10% in general. This ratio doesn’t require measuring for each meal, as long as everything is balanced over a few days. Dogs also need oily fish, an occasional egg (with shell), perhaps some fruit and vegetables, and other supplements if required. A transition to raw will generally take between 10 days to 3 weeks, and Raw4Paws-Sussex are here to help through the process.


Physical and Behavioural Benefits of Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding

It is absolutely without doubt that the saying “as fit as a butcher’s dog” is spot-on, a raw meat diet, with bones and offal, is the perfect blend for optimum health in dogs, cats, ferrets etc.

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By Charlotte Barnes | April 27, 2023

DOUGIES ! A big favourite with raw4paws-sussex Customers, Dougies is very easy to store in freezer , easy to portion too , as it comes in 4 x 140g portions in each pack, great range of flavours etc, it’s very finely-minced product , ideal for older dogs/pups to digest without too much chewing …. quality […]


DELIVERY SCHEDULE to 14th December / new stock info / Areas Covered

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By Charlotte Barnes | March 2, 2023

    We are very happy and proud to be stocking Just Natural . It’s a lovely quality chunky mince (many varieties are boneless , allowing you to feed teeth-cleaning bones separately)  It is really competitively priced , we offer boxes of 10 packs at slightly lower price .  The chunks from Just Natural are […]


By Charlotte Barnes | June 3, 2022

Rosh George Reviewer stats18 reviews • 0 photos Review left by Rosh George starstarstarstarstar 2 hours ago The team here are brilliant, guidance, and customer service above expectations every time ,Uber reliable and quality food delivered to ur door



By Charlotte Barnes | August 27, 2021

We have now added 2 new brands to our freezers —– one is Reggie’s Raw , which is already receiving rave reviews from customers, so we’re very pleased, and the second is “Totally Natural” minces, which already have a very good reputation,  so we’re honoured to be stocking  both ….. please pop into our webshop […]



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from Rosh    — Just wow from customers service to products and advice I’m converted. My dog’s have become alarm clocks 2 hours before dinner time , starring at me in hope pressure means earlier dinner! Coats already better , way less poop bags needed and no nasty gas!! Thank you so much I am […]



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We have to increase our prices in line with our Supplier ,  we are publishing (with their permission) the letter we received below –  the good news is the fully recyclable packaging, very good news for all .  Some of our prices will stay the same, and the increases are pence, not pounds . FROM […]


A NOTE ABOUT ORDERING – time to delivery etc

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We order our stock each Tuesday at noon, our supplier then sends the stock the following tuesday, 7 days later.  It is then scheduled for delivery to customers.  So please order before noon on a tuesday for delivery the following week ,   any queries on this, please contact us . We do hold as much […]


ORDERS – deadlines

By Charlotte Barnes | May 2, 2019

please place any orders BY TUESDAY 9AM ,   for delivery for the FOLLOWING week ,   eg;  an order placed on the 1st will be in stock on the 8th, and out for delivery from the 9th onwards . We do hold as much ‘spare’ stock as we can accommodate, but it sells out quite fast […]


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Jane Albery reviewed Raw4paws-Sussex – 5 star · 11 mins · Our lurcher Farley loves his raw food! The service and delivery are amazing and we have one very happy dog with amazingly shiny fur. Great value too and we will never feed him anything other than raw. Thank you so much – raw food […]


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