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PRICE is per tray of 7 portions

Bone broth is packed full of nutrition, it has plentiful amounts of proline & glycine which are 2 valuable amino acids aiding digestive health.

Bone broth can help with liver detox because it contains the essential amino acids proline & glycine, they also aid with wound healing, this includes muscle repair & growth and they can even help to regulate blood sugar levels

Bone broth can have a calming effect because it contained these high levels of glycine, which is converted into serine by the brain, which is +A neurotransmitter that reduces stress and improves mood.

Bone broth has great amounts of proline which is proven to reduce the build up of cholesterol in the body.

Bone broth contains lots of gelatine which is released from the bones during the cooking process. Gelatine is an amazing substance which is actually a hydrophilic protein which aids digestion & improves skin health.

Bone broth is a powerhouse for arthritis & joint issues because it is loaded with glucosamine and chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, this is the holy trinity for joint care.

Bone broth is perfect for all animals but is especially useful with the young, old or infirm or sickly as it delivers such a nutritional punch.

Bone broth is also rich in calcium, magnesium & collagen. It also contains good amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, potassium & iron.

And finally… To a dog or cat, a puppy or kitten, it tastes mighty fine indeed, you can serve it frozen or defrost and add to their meal to pack in a really valuable and natural supplement!


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