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brand of the week

DOUGIES ! A big favourite with raw4paws-sussex Customers, Dougies is very easy to store in freezer , easy to portion too , as it comes in 4 x 140g portions in each pack, great range of flavours etc, it’s very finely-minced product , ideal for older dogs/pups to digest without too much chewing …. quality […]

ORDERS – deadlines

please place any orders BY TUESDAY 9AM ,   for delivery for the FOLLOWING week ,   eg;  an order placed on the 1st will be in stock on the 8th, and out for delivery from the 9th onwards . We do hold as much ‘spare’ stock as we can accommodate, but it sells out quite fast […]

Hampers !

Hampers !

We have been making up the occasional hamper, some as an introductory offer for owners to see what products their dogs prefer, and some owners like a regular hamper, as the contents will often be very varied, and never the same selection twice .   They have been very popular, so here they are on […]

Price Rise

A sad note to all of our customers, is that we have been forced to raise our prices on the trays of mince, as of now, all £1 more.   Our supplier has raised all of the prices to us, so we really have no choice. The bag prices of some of our other products […]


Watch this space everyone … I’ve increased my stock of Kefir grains, and hopefully will be able to supply it , but dont all rush at once , these things take a little time; up until now, I’ve only produced enough for my own dogs … for those wondering what it is, well, it has […]


if your dog ever needs a little boost on their food, if they’ve been poorly, or just off their food, then bone-broth is a great addition , as it has plenty of good nutrients/minerals etc , and the way that mine love it, am hoping your dogs will too . It’s usually chicken-bone broth , […]

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